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May 2020

Love Pop.

I have published my first novel, Love Pop. When Eliot’s wife spontaneously combusts on their wedding anniversary, his life spirals into a mess of body parts, run away mental patience, an exploding cult, a surreal dreamscape, a nationwide manhunt, and a boundless love.

This is the first book I am publishing, but it’s the forth I have written. Why I decided to put this particular story out first is simply because I think it’s the most fun. I wanted to start with something that, well, popped. Self publishing is new and strange adventure. I didn’t want to sink into it with something too serious right out of the gate.


March 2020

Our Story Begins.

I made a podcast. I read my fiction into a mic and then you can listen to it instead of reading for yourself. Sounds pretty nice, right? I’ve also aded sound effects and music to make it more enjoyable. My goal was to make it like a movie for your ears. There is a hypnotic cadence to audio books that tends to put me to sleep. It’s rare to find a voice that doesn’t become monotonous after ten hours. Why not put a little music under the story? I started with a short story sort of as an experiment. I wanted to see if I could pull this off before I sat down to tackle a long novel. The amount of time it takes to produce something like this aside, I’ve never composed music before. There was a learning curve with some new software, but I feel like I got close enough to invest in a couple dozen more. I hope you enjoy. I have a lot planed for the stories ahead.