Love Pop

FictionSpeculative Fiction

When Eliot’s wife popped from the inside out, he was left speechless. When everyone else started to pop, he had a feeling it had something to do with him.

It could’ve happened to anyone. Eliot and his wife Peggy were like any other couple in love. Another pair in the crowd living simple, happy lives. Arm in arm as life carried on into the sunsets of tomorrow. Now it was a mess of red. Of blood, guts, and bones. The love is still very much alive. It’s just buried under a strange, developing pile of carnage.

Surrounded by lunatics, Eliot is dragged through a mystery of blood and madness. With no explanation in sight, he is forced into an adventure he wants nothing to do with. The authorities are scratching their heads. The news is trembling as the blood level rises. And a new religion is dressing in red. But all Eliot wants to do is lay down and sleep. His dreams are where the real mystery lies.

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For Love of Fire

FictionLiterary Adventure

A homeless schizophrenic man wandering the streets of Brooklyn can’t help himself from talking out loud. And some can’t help but listen. When two friends decide to bring the troubled man’s delusion to life, their lives are turned upside down as his reality becomes their reality. Stranded within his world, they are left to wonder… is he even crazy?

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Take Out


Our narrator only needs fourteen bucks to pay for his meal, but will he survive the night to enjoy his take-out prize?

     This short story is both brief and absurd, pointless and entertaining. Take Out is a roller coaster of ridiculous thrills chasing an all consuming craving for Chinese take-out. A tale of hunger and madness, danger and other things, risk and kung-pao pork fried rice.

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